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Population: 45.85m
GDP: $25.89 bn.
Debt: $11.19 bn.

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Bottling Wine

Uganda's Chief of Defence Forces, General David Muhoozi, is in the spotlight over suspicious dealings with the man who is seeking to deregister a political party he handed over to...

Watering down the wine

The failure of oppositionists Bobi Wine and Kizza Besigye to agree an alliance boosts President Museveni's electoral chances

The country's opposition parties are divided over tactics and local rivalries ahead of national elections next year. The hopes that the political sensation Robert Kyagulanyi, aka B...


Unity or bust for 2021

The opposition is finding unity elusive while the President is already on the campaign trail ahead of the next elections

In the wake of the recent brutal attacks by security forces on protestors in Kampala, pundits ponder why the formidable mass movement of Bobi Wine and Kizza Besigye's Forum for Dem...

Water cannon fodder

The assault on leading oppositionist Kizza Besigye by police on his way to a Forum for Democratic Change meeting on 4 November was the latest in a series of violent crackdowns on t...

Sibling rivalry turns ugly

A mixture of real fears and deep paranoia on both sides lies behind the current crisis, stirring memories of a vicious clash nearly 20 years ago

Ten days after Rwanda closed its main border post with Uganda on 28 February, forcing trucks and buses from Uganda into days-long delays at the customs post of the quieter Mirama H...

Border tension grows

Relations between Rwanda and Uganda have been steadily declining and reached a new low after Kigali briefly closed the busiest border crossing at Gatuna and reportedly deployed def...

Grafting against corruption

President Yoweri Museveni has set up a new Anti-Corruption Unit, but Kampala pundits believe its real function is to prevent opposition politicians raising money from wealthy busin...

Museveni widens the tent

President Yoweri Museveni is to appoint former members of the opposition as ministers, according to a leak of a cabinet list. The President means to divide the opposition and repai...

Museveni to tough it out

The President is taking no chances and making no concessions. He is mobilising 24,000 reservists as popular protests continue

Thousands of new security personnel are being deployed to meet the threat of mass civil unrest after the triumphant return to Kampala of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to huge cro...

Displaying 41-50 out of 241 results.