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Population: 13.37m
GDP: $3.08bn
Debt: 72.7% of GDP (2024)

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Political violence worsens

A hardline faction in the government and the bitter disappointment of the former rebels threaten the country’s hard-won peace

The 26 October arrest of opposition politician William Munyembabazi by the powerful security service, the Service national de renseignement (SNR), has deepened the mistrust in Buju...

All the way down

Burundi has a few things in common with Rwanda. One is United States’ gratitude for its soldiers’ work in peacekeeping: Rwandans serve in Darfur, Sudan, and Burundians in the Afric...

Bad omens

The clean sweep by President Pierre Nkurunziza and his Conseil national pour la défense de la démocratie-Forces pour la défense de la démocratie (CNDD-FDD) at the 2010 elections has failed to dispel fears that violence will increase further. The opposition claims there was massive fraud behind the ruling party’s triumph and since May, dozens of murders and over 100 grenade attacks have taken place (AC Vol 51 No 13).

Single party rules again

Democracy has not been established despite international encouragement and the presidential election is a one-horse race

The one-party state is back. President Pierre Nkurunziza will be the only candidate in the 28 June presidential elections. The opposition’s right to hold meetings has been suspende...

A united opposition protest

The President fears he may not be re-elected in June; his opponents fear they may be eliminated

Twelve worried opposition parties got together on 24 March to issue a joint communiqué denouncing a 'macabre plan' by President Pierre Nkurunziza's government, in the lead-u...

Nkurunziza's formula for victory

Election rules seemed to have been agreed but the President wants new ones to make sure he wins

With a year to go before presidential, parliamentary and local elections, President Pierre Nkurunziza is trying to ensure that he and his party win. Diplomats are worried as the Na...

The vote and the money

The good news for Burundi is that 80% of the cost of next year's elections - US$45 million, about 5% of the budget - will be paid by foreign donors. The bad news for President Pier...

Peace deal in shreds

The rebel attacks on Bujumbura last month threaten to unravel the regime and the tottering economy

The flurry of summitry in response to a series of mortar attacks on Bujumbura by the Hutu rebels of the Forces Nationales de Libération (FNL) in late April has yielded a pos...

Going wrong again

The rebel Forces Nationales de Libération (FNL) were supposed to negotiate a cease-fire with the government. On 21 July their chief, Jean-Berchmans Ndayishimiye, walked out, follow...

Displaying 21-30 out of 63 results.