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Population: 13.37m
GDP: $3.08bn
Debt: 72.7% of GDP (2024)

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Two helpings of peace

Peace deals for both Congo-Kinshasa and Burundi, brokered by South Africa, will be tested early in 2003. The Congo deal, signed in Pretoria on 17 December, proposes a government of...

Peace talk, but is it real?

The main warring factions will meet, all of them split and militant

The Burundian government is set to start negotiations with the two most formidable militias left out of the 2000 power sharing agreement government whose Tutsi president, General P...

Alternating currents

The government is transitional but the opposition fears its power is permanent

The four-month-old transitional government is, in some ways, the one intended by the agreement signed in Arusha, Tanzania, in August 2000. President Pierre Buyoya is as firmly in c...


Nelson Mandela's plan annoys almost eveyone but there's no alternative in sight

We are on the verge of reaching a breakthrough which will bring permanent peace and stability', said Nelson Mandela, former South African President and Burundi's peace mediator, on...

Walk out

The Kinshasa government's abandonment of the Inter-Congolese dialogue on 19 October raises new doubts about its commitment to the Lusaka peace accord. Foreign Minister Léona...

Negating the negatives

There is growing concern in Kigali and Bujumbura about the consequences of efforts by Congo-Kinshasa's President Joseph Kabila to expel the 'negative forces', the hardline militias...

A sort of peace

The Mandela peace deal is better than none but its far from final

Regional peacemakers are now embroiled in the minutiae of the Arusha Accords on ending Burundi's eight-year civil war, amid general scepticism that the power-sharing agreement brok...

Against Arusha

Rebel militias are stepping up the pressure as Burundi mediator Nelson Mandela drives the peace talks forward. Some 40,000 people have fled the fighting in northern Bujumbura since...

Laurent's legacy

Change in Congo-Kinshasa may now concentrate minds onthe Arusha accord

The late President Laurent-Désiré Kabila left an unfinished mystery for Burundi. He had long supported Hutu rebel groups against Major Pierre Buyoya's government in B...

Under Kilimanjaro

This rushed peace accord with little political will behind it may worsen the conflict

The clearest thing about the accord signed in Arusha on 28 August is its lack of finality and substance. None of the key issues - such as the new constitution, structure of power-s...

Displaying 41-50 out of 63 results.