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Population: 10.86 mn.
GDP: $3.48 bn.
Debt: $0.61 bn.

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Under new management

The local government elections bring change and hope for a calmer future

Burundi's politics have been transformed by the local government elections on 3 June. Firstly, they passed off peacefully, except in five communes of Bujumbura Rural Province, wher...

How can they vote?

At last, Burundi's constitutional referendum is set for 28 February, or so says Paul Ngarambe, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI). The big political o...

The timetable slips

Politicians scramble for power as the transition's end draws near

The transitional government is due to step down on 1 November and - unless swift action is taken - a dangerous power vacuum looms. The 20 October referendum and 1 November general ...

Going Dutch

Peace hopes are rising again after the 19-20 January talks at the Hague between President Domitien Ndayizéyé and Agathon Rwasa, leader of the only militia still fight...

Cart before horse

An offer of aid may tempt the last rebel movement in from the cold

The Bujumbura government and the international donors in the Forum for Burundi may have put the cart before the horse. In Brussels on 13-14 January, they put together US$1.32 billi...

Risky dealings

Military reform and a new national army are key to the South African-led peace efforts (AC Vol 44 No 16). They remain on a knife-edge. Since the 16 November ceasefire, brokered by ...

Zuma's other hotspot

Two rebel factions hold the SA-backed peace process to ransom

Hopes that the installation in late April of President Domitien Ndayizeye, a Hutu, would hasten an end to the fighting have not been realised. Instead, the conflict has worsened an...

Buyoya's boys

In line with the Arusha accord, a Hutu president is taking over from Pierre Buyoya

New President Domitien Ndayizéyé was sworn in on 30 April in Bujumbura, replacing President Pierre Buyoya for the last 18 months of transition to multi-party rule. Nd...

Two helpings of peace

Peace deals for both Congo-Kinshasa and Burundi, brokered by South Africa, will be tested early in 2003. The Congo deal, signed in Pretoria on 17 December, proposes a government of...

Peace talk, but is it real?

The main warring factions will meet, all of them split and militant

The Burundian government is set to start negotiations with the two most formidable militias left out of the 2000 power sharing agreement government whose Tutsi president, General P...

Displaying 31-40 out of 61 results.