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Population: 23.43 mn.
GDP: $32.21 bn.
Debt: $7.28 bn.

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Biya and the Bishops

President Paul Biya saw Pope Francis on 18 October to re-affirm, Biya’s officials said, ‘the longstanding perfect communion between Yaoundé and Rome’. Yet ...

A family divided

Two weeks before the legislative and local elections on 30 September, the ruling Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (RDPC) has caused a shock by recruiting Ami...

Ready or not, here they come

The President finally reveals the date of the delayed general and local elections that were supposed to take place in July 2012

Twice postponed, the elections are now scheduled for 30 September, President Paul Biya announced on 15 July. Election timetables are set in law but it is the President who decides ...

A season in Elecam

The new voting system will not help electoral registration, which is now closed

Cameroon is adopting biometric technology for its new electoral register and the upcoming polls now set for 30 September will be different from previous ones. President Paul Biya&r...

Upper house of cards

President Paul Biya has now appointed 30 Senators, bringing the new parliamentary upper house to its full complement of 100. Elections on 14 April – by an electoral college of loca...

Biya's second house

After 17 years, President Paul Biya has now decided to hold elections for a national senate on 14 April. The new body will have no real powers but may be a suitable berth for Biya'...

Après Biya fears

After 30 years in in charge, the President seems as secure as ever. Yet worries are growing that his legacy will be a political vacuum

In November, President Paul Biya was conspicuous by his absence from any of his supporters’ nationwide celebrations of his 30 years in power. In this way, he kept intact his reputa...

Family bonds

One person who is never spoken of as a successor to President Paul Biya is his son Franck Biya, who is not a member of the ruling party and has never held political office or been...

Hanlong misses the Sundance deal deadline

One of the longest and most problematic Chinese takeover sagas is finally drawing to a sorry end for Sichuan-based Hanlong Mining and Australia’s Sundance Resources. The main attra...

Trouble on the line

Technologie et Système d’Information/Korea Telelcom of South Korea has cried foul after Vietnam’s Viettel won Cameroon’s third mobile telephone licence in December 2012. TSI/KT cla...

Displaying 11-20 out of 68 results.