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Population: 23.43 mn.
GDP: $32.21 bn.
Debt: $7.28 bn.

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Not the plane truth

The investigation into how the state was tricked out of $40 million is shaking up Yaoundé's political elite

Some of Cameroon's biggest political names are at risk as the Police Judiciaire de Yaoundé continues investigations into the biggest and most complex corruption case in Pres...

Slaughter on the border

More gruesome killings raise doubts about the August handover of the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula

Troops from Nigeria and Cameroon were put on high alert in the Bakassi Peninsula, following the unexplained slaughter of five Cameroonian soldiers and a local government official o...

Biya's purge

The President is about to sack some selected ministers for corruption but that won’t end the problem

Corruption scandals have become a handy way for President Paul Biya to brighten his image ahead of the 2011 presidential election. They allow him to boost his credentials for the ...

Biya amendment

As international attention focused on Zimbabwe, Cameroon's President Paul Biya has quietly made plans for his own life presidency, largely free from foreign scrutiny. After nationw...

The people versus Biya

The President wants to go on for ever but recent protests show the people may not let him

Having ruled for 25 years, President Paul Biya wants to go on ruling until 2018, when he will be 85. The constitution decrees that he cannot stand for a further seven-year term in ...

The road to ruin

President Paul Biya's 25 years in power have been disastrous for what was once a rather prosperous state. His critics blame its decline on the excessive powers he wields and his bu...

A peninsula war

Tales of intrigue and treason surround the killing of 21 soldiers in the disputed Bakassi Peninsula

The Cameroonian army is again in turmoil, after the dismissal last month of the head of the Delta Force, deployed in the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula on the border with Nigeria. Clau...

Bank blow

A daring raid on two banks in Bata, Equatorial Guinea's commercial capital, on 5 December has prompted a sharp breach in relations with neighbouring Cameroon, an overhaul of nation...

No contest

Everyone thinks the government fixed the elections but that wasn't really necessary

After its landslide win in fraudulent parliamentary and local elections on 22 July, President Paul Biya promised that his ruling Rassemblement Démocratique du Peuple Camerounais (R...

Biya goes on and on

The President's inaction keeps Cameroon peaceful, but far from prosperous

President Paul Biya, an expert at staying in power, has presided over two decades of economic and social disaster. Many think him the main obstacle to political and economic reform...

Displaying 41-50 out of 68 results.