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Population: 23.05 mn.
GDP: $34.79 bn.
Debt: $10.39 bn.

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Abine quits RDPC

Ayah Paul Abine, the Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais member of parliament for Akaya, Manyu Division of South West Region, has quit the ruling RDPC, claiming he fea...

To Biya or not to Biya

The President could easily rig his way back to power but may prefer to spring a surprise and quit

In power for the last 28 years, President Paul Biya, 77, will face his old rival in the presidential election scheduled for October. This is John Fru Ndi, 69, of the Social Democra...

Diamond dealers

Parliamentary investigations expose a cosy relationship between the South Korean government and the backers of a controversial diamond project

President Lee Myung-bak’s government faces another corruption scandal linked to its African resource diplomacy after a little-known mining company claimed to have made a recor...

Good neighbours

Addax, a British-listed oil and gas company controlled by China’s Sinopec, may benefit from this month’s decision by the Nigerian and Cameroonian governments to collaborate in the ...

Another corruption crisis

A journalist investigating a top politician dies in gaol and the ensuing scandal damages President Biya’s claims to be Monsieur Propre – Mr Clean

The death of journalist Germain Cyrille ‘Bibi’ Ngota Ngota in the notorious Kondengui maximum security prison has caused outrage in Cameroon and abroad and could prompt political c...

Biya rejects the Ghana model

An independent commission to oversee elections turns out not to be independent after all

Ghana's Electoral Commission organised an election in December that made Ghanaians proud. A similar commission for Cameroon has been resisted every step of the way by President Pau...

Cameroon/Asia: New farmers from the East

Asian companies have recently started negotiations to secure Cameroonian land to cultivate rice and other staples, but local civil society groups are already sounding warnings ab...

Biya's grip

The economy is faltering but the opposition is struggling and the dictator President is ill

Twenty-six years in power do not explain the grip on Cameroon of Paul Biya and his ethnic clique. The tight circle of praise-singers who marked the President's 26th anniversary on ...

Master political survivor

The former first lady Germaine Ahidjo, widow of Cameroon's first President, recently admitted in a rare interview that her Muslim husband Ahmadou Ahidjo made mistakes during his 26...

Displaying 31-40 out of 71 results.