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Central African Republic

Central African Republic

Population: 4.66 mn.
GDP: $1.95 bn.
Debt: $0.73 bn.

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Lords of misrule

Confusion reigned at the summit on CAR’s future while the new rulers could not halt the prolonged plunder of the capital. The omens are poor

The Ndjamena summit called to resolve the crisis in Central African Republic was nearly as chaotic as Bangui itself. Members of the Communauté économique des états de l’Afrique cen...

Séléka takes power

The President has fled abroad, leaving Bangui mired in chaos and plundered by looters. It will take time to sort out

The end, when it came, came quickly. On 24 March, the Séléka rebels fought a fierce battle with South African troops before overwhelming them and invading the capital, setting off ...

Bogged down in Bangui

The parties to the 11 January agreement, signed in Gabon, are now at loggerheads over ministerial posts. While leading opposition figure Nicolas Tiangaye is to lead the Government ...

Bozizé back from the brink

The deal to install an interim government belies how close the rebels came to toppling the President before allies – and luck – came to his rescue

Peace, however fragile, reigned in Central African Republic as Africa Confidential went to press. The government and the Séléka rebels signed a peace agreement in Libreville, Gabon...

Jitters as Bozizé dumps ally

The Finance Minister’s sacking is a sop to donors and a sign of the government’s fragility

After nine years at the President’s right hand, Finance and Budget Minister Sylvain Ndoutingaï finds himself out in the cold. Ndoutingaï, who is also General François Bozizé’s neph...

Bandits at large

The security situation outside Bangui is getting worse and the political crisis has not helped. Unsurprisingly, the offensive against the Baba Laddé movement was reported as succes...

Mastering the militias

Under pressure from Chad, the President is neutralising the militias in the north, amid questions about whether the peace can last

Chad’s President Idriss Déby Itno has had a crucial influence on the regime of President François Bozizé Yangouvonda and he has let him know that the armed Chadian exiles in CAR mu...

Baba Laddé: Robber or Robin Hood?

While the armed groups in the Central African Republic boast grandiose titles including words such as ‘front’ and ‘people’, extortion is usually their raison d’être. Most are led b...

Displaying 41-50 out of 92 results.