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Central African Republic

Central African Republic

Population: 4.66 mn.
GDP: $1.95 bn.
Debt: $0.73 bn.

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Blood returns to Bangui

The failure of UN peacekeepers to contain the violence is a worrying setback for the organisation, the interim government, and France

The international military forces and their leaders, who were charged with control of Bangui and keeping the militias apart, have met fierce criticism for failing to stop the worst...

A vote too far

Momentum is building behind the idea of postponing the elections. They could cause more problems and unrest than they solve

As referendum day approaches on 4 October, 'elections at all costs', which is widely seen as the slogan of the international community, sounds less and less convincing. Consensus i...

Risks of a hasty exit

France wants to leave as quickly as possible and is risking long-term instability to make sure its short-term goals are met

France is exercising its immense political and economic influence in Central African Republic, insisting on strict adherence to what many are calling an unrealistically rapid elect...

Reconciliation for beginners

As the Bangui Forum proceeded, France’s need to bow out became clearer, although it may mean turning a blind eye to corruption

All parties agreed that the just-concluded Bangui Forum for National Reconciliation was essential if the country is to have a future. Yet the gathering was supposed to start last O...

Diamonds’ best friend

Séléka is now out of an important diamond centre but the government prefers deals with Angola to restoring confidence to miners

Since 10 February, the town at the heart of the country's richest diamond-mining area, Bria, has been under the control of troops from France's Opération Sangaris and the Un...

Diamonds fund rebels

A UN report that illicit diamonds are financing rebels has dashed the government’s hopes that the ban on exports will be lifted

Diamonds are a vital export for Central African Republic but the main beneficiaries recently are rebels linked either to Anti-Balaka groups or to the Séléka coalition...

Allies lose faith

Friends abroad worry increasingly about the probity and effectiveness of the interim government but wonder what to do

Interim President Catherine Samba-Panza's surprise choice of Mahamat Kamoun as the new Prime Minister, along with a cabinet of 31, has dismayed Central African Republic's internati...

Regional leaders take charge

Backstage at the AU summit and increasingly worried about the state of affairs in CAR, regional leaders took some key decisions

The leaders of the Francophone Central African grouping, the Communauté économique des états de l’Afrique centrale, are demanding changes to CAR Presiden...

Violence takes new shapes

Militias are adapting to changing circumstances but the political inaction and international delays continue

The few hours that President François Hollande spent in Bangui on 1 March were intended to prove that the capital was now quiet, almost back to normal. The cameras failed to...

Displaying 31-40 out of 98 results.