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Paul Kagame

Date of Birth: 23 October 1957
Place of Birth: Ruhango

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The assassin’s hand

Someone is trying to kill the opponents of General Paul Kagame ahead of the presidential election on 9 August...

Half a century, half the battle

The anniversary attracted a good guest list: two kings (Belgium Swaziland) and heads of state including Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame who arrived late enough to delay the parade for several hours...

FPR dissidents break cover

Three days after the first bombing a prominent Hutu sought refuge in the British High Commission in Kigali in a stage-managed operation that embarrassed Whitehall which remains close to President Paul Kagame’s government not least through British ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair...

Rapprochement and opportunity

The meeting between Presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and Paul Kagame in Kigali on 26 February enables France to regain a foothold in central Africa and allows Rwanda to normalise diplomatic and commercial relations with Paris...

Two generals fail to make peace

The divisions in the Conseil National pour la Défense du Peuple infuriate Rwandan President Paul Kagame as he struggles to balance the interests of rival party factions with business and political ties to senior members of the Rwandan Patriotic Front...

Displaying 121-130 out of 303 results.