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United States

Donald John Trump

Date of Birth: 14/06/1946
Place of Birth: New York City

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Cash takes on the kingpins

Ruto is trying his 'hustler nation' message emphasising his humble roots combined with cash handouts at mass rallies reminiscent of Donald Trump's populist tactics in the United States...


Focused on the crises

After four years under President Donald Trump of the US showing a declining interest in Africa regional leaders are demanding a more ambitious agenda on trade and political relations...

The PJD loses its base

The PJD has lost grassroots support because it was unable to prevent the government's promotion of Berber and French languages or the December 2020 recognition of Israel in a deal brokered by United States President Donald Trump which offered US recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the disputed Western Sahara...

Phee's first footings

Biden's predecessor Donald Trump showed little interest in Africa beyond trying to boost trade and political ties with Egypt Kenya and Morocco...

French lessons from Kabul

In excluding the Afghan government from his negotiations with the Taliban former US President Donald Trump effectively told the militants that the elected administration in Kabul did not matter...


Spy chiefs on manoeuvres

Hopes the Biden government might overturn Donald Trump's decision to reverse decades of support for a UN-sponsored solution have not been realised...

Displaying 1-10 out of 135 results.