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Abiy Ahmed

Date of Birth: 15 August 1976
Place of Birth: Beshasha, near Agaro, Oromo Region

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Abiy tests the military

Building on an assertive start Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has revealed more about his leadership style with an aggressive set of federal government appointments (AC Vol 59 No 7 Abiy makes a promising start & Vol 59 No 8 Abiy goes goodwill hunting)...

Abiy goes goodwill hunting

After two weeks in office new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has produced little policy detail let alone tangible achievements but the choice of destinations to launch his premiership demonstrated the stiff challenges that he faces and an encouraging willingness to tackle them head on...

Abiy makes a promising start

The ruling party took a promising step towards greater stability when it elected Abiy Ahmed the head of its Oromia wing as its new Chairperson and Prime Minister on 27 March...

Oromia on a knife edge

It was also telling that senior figures such as the prime ministerial candidate and new OPDO Chairman Abiy Ahmed stayed away from parliament...


The edifice cracks

By promoting the Oromo cause he and his ally Abiy Ahmed who shares his security background have also capitalised to a certain extent on the open mayhem in Oromia over the past three years (AC Vol 57 No 6 Oromia erupts & Vol 58 No 22 Oromia on the edge)...


Displaying 41-45 out of 45 results.