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Nasser Bourita

Date of Birth: 27 May 1969
Place of Birth: Taounate, Morocco

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Forward on the southern front

Hiring and firingForeign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita is under pressure to deliver in a political environment where M6 is again playing a very hands-on role in hiring and firing state officials (AC Vol 58 No 25 Courtship and crackdowns)...

Courtship and crackdowns

M6 and the kingdom's diplomats led by Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita have sought to give the kingdom a new profile even while pursuing its 'Cold War' with Algeria...

Rabat's Cold War manoeuvre

The prominence of two younger generation junior foreign ministers the high-flying Mbarka Bouaida and the recently appointed Nasser Bourita (who will deal with Brussels) reflects a belated recognition that Morocco remains far behind Algeria in the business of international relations...

Displaying 21-25 out of 25 results.