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United States

Joseph Robinette Biden

Date of Birth: 20 November 1942
Place of Birth: Scranton, Pennsylvania

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    Vol 62 No 2 |
  • MALI

Outstaying welcomes

He also has to keep on board United States President Joe Biden's new administration; reconnaissance and intelligence from the US bases in Niger and the region are critical for French forces...


    Vol 62 No 1 |

Mapping the long road to recovery

There will also be a bigger than usual contingent of foreign representatives at the AU summit from the new administration in the United States under President Joe Biden and from China which will outline its new economic engagement strategy with Africa...


Building the house of Sisi

The advent of the Joe Biden administration will put the Egyptian authorities on the defensive over human rights even if President Abdel Fattah el Sisi would rather no one talked about his crackdown on dissent and Islamist groups which has seen tens of thousands arrested since he first came to power in a 2013 military coup (AC Vol 61 No 1 Polls poverty and protest)...

Handshake to face poll test

In foreign affairs Kenyatta will attempt to reinvent himself as a friend of incoming United States President Joe Biden following the exit of his old mate Donald Trump (AC Vol 61 No 17 Trading favours)...

How to lose a war

The indications so far are that the incoming Joe Biden administration will abandon the non-interventionist policies of President Donald Trump...

Recovery and resistance

The Joe Biden presidency in the United States is likely to keep that support in place while moderating Trump's shrill support for the Moroccan occupation which undermines United Nations and African Union resolutions and other efforts to resolve the conflict...

King reaps Saharan dividend

But president-elect Joe Biden – a longstanding friend of Israel who in previous incarnations has worked with Netanyahu (more usually known for his Republican affiliations) – is unlikely to torpedo the Abraham Accords...

War resets the region

The incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden has so far limited its public comments to deep concern about the risk of violence against civilians and potential war crimes and a call for dialogue under AU auspices...

Risks on all fronts

Although US President-elect Joseph Biden will assume a more diplomatic stance he has worked closely with Egypt's military over the last two decades including with Sisi's predecessor Hosni Mubarak...

Displaying 41-50 out of 57 results.