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United Kingdom

Gordon Brown

Date of Birth: 20 February 1951
Place of Birth: Giffnock, Scotland

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Rich countries put a price on their delayed vaccine programmes

They have failed to respond to Gordon Brown former prime minister of Britain and now vaccine envoy for the World Health Organization whose team calculated that there are over 200 million surplus vaccine doses in North America and Europe many of which would expire by the end of this year...


Hard bargaining ahead on debt and public health

Gordon Brown Britain's prime minister during the global financial crisis of 2008 and a signatory to the letter contrasted the lack of coordinated action on the pandemic with the response to the banking implosion a decade ago...

Pig-in-a-poke or panacea?

As Britons have learnt from their experience of the Private Finance Initiative policy pioneered during Gordon Brown's term as Chancellor of the Exchequer 1997-2007 the bill for a new school or hospital does eventually have to be borne by the public and since it has been postponed it is far more expensive...

Welcome back, General

Apart from the Chatham House speech and question-and-answer session energetically chaired by a British former High Commissioner to Nigeria Sir Richard Gozney Buhari met former Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair and current Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Philip Hammond...

Condé looks East and West

He is well connected as a former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations a board member of Soros’s Open Society Initiative a former Vice-President of Soros’s Quantum Fund and a former junior minister in the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office under ex-Premier Gordon Brown...

Selling the state

Mortgaging capital investment The government wants state companies to partner with local and foreign private companies in imitation of the public-private partnerships of Britain’s ex-Prime Minister (and close friend of South Africa’s former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel) Gordon Brown...

Displaying 1-10 out of 68 results.