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UNITA plans protests but drops boycott

The opposition has reconciled itself to a stolen election, but the ruling party is nervous and may fall back on violent repression

Surrounded by hundreds of soldiers, João Lourenço was sworn in for a second presidential term at Praça da República in Luanda on 15 September. The first...

Lourenço's bruising victory

The ruling party may have won, but it has not emerged stronger from the result, nor has the President, who did not act like a graceful victor

The 24 August general elections produced the victory that President João Lourenço expected, but not by a margin that the Movimento Popular de Libertação...

ANC hopefuls race for the top

There could be upsets galore as the fractious ruling party opens campaigning for its top jobs

From fixing potholes, going to church, firing up the comrades at imbizos (community meetings) to speaking at memorials for African National Congress stalwarts, party activists who ...

Debt deal boosts kwacha

It was months in the making, but Zambia's $1.3 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund has made an instant impact. The kwacha currency gained more than 3% against the ...

Win for Hain's Bain campaign

The Guptas and their allies enlisted big-name multinational firms in state capture and some are losing global business over their role

Britain's three-year ban on public sector contracts with Bain & Co, the world's biggest management consultancy, for its 'grave professional misconduct' in South Africa may be p...

A tale of two elections

Alongside the conventional official campaign, the MPLA is working behind the scenes, insiders say, to manipulate the result in its favour

The opposition to the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA) government is enjoying its strongest popular support ever, posing an unprecedented challenge in...


MPLA on uncertain ground

The electorate has changed radically, and the ruling party is being punished for not fulfilling its promises, but a change of government is unlikely

Three decades since Angola's first multiparty elections, the country has undergone significant demographic changes. The electorate is now made up of many young people who never exp...

Economic woes challenge election winner

Despite the boost from higher oil prices, the ruling party has presided over a hefty fall in living standards and broken promises on job creation

President João Lourenço and the ruling Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA) approached the 24 August general election still favoured to win....

The ANC is at its weakest since 1994

The President has managed, for now, to save his anti-corruption campaign from opponents who have regained control of KwaZulu-Natal province

In his closing address to the African National Congress’s 6th policy conference in Johannesburg on 31 July, President Cyril Ramaphosa said the gathering was overwhelmingly in favou...

Displaying 141-150 out of 2632 results.