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No compromise on royal power

The imprisonment of two MPs on terrorism charges is a signal that royal power will not be compromised or reformed, and elections due this year won't change anything, despite local ...

Mutharika manoeuvres for a comeback

So dire is the record of the incumbent that the opposition believes Peter Mutharika could be elected president again in 2025

The political situation is in such turmoil that the next contest to lead Malawi is already dominating talk in the capital. Ex-President Peter Mutharika is planning a comeback, acco...

Frelimo rolls out the vote

Having failed to persuade parliament to allow him to stand for a third term, President Filipe Nyusi is bent on consolidating his position by securing a landslide for Frelimo in Oct...

Oil boom poses governance risks

Politically-connected middlemen taking key roles in oil licencing raise concerns over corruption in the coming hydrocarbons bonanza

Namibia looks set to add oil to its cornucopia of mineral resources, including gem diamonds, uranium, and lithium, with the potential to become a major exporter by 2026. The bonanz...

ZANU-PF fires its electoral blunderbuss

At every level and in every institution, the ruling party is sidelining and attacking the opposition

With less than three months before national elections are due, there are multiple signs of abuses of state power by the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU...

Nyusi runs out of road

President Filipe Nyusi's ambition to cancel the two-term presidential limit and stand in next year's general election has finally died, according to insiders in Maputo.

Western companies belatedly join critical minerals race

President Geingob's government is benefitting from international rivalry to boost lithium production

Prices and demand for Africa's reserves of lithium, a key component in rechargeable batteries, are soaring as the world car industry shifts towards producing electric vehicles with...

Writing the next act

A new player steps on to the stage vowing to disrupt the status quo ahead of elections next year

Rise Mzansi, the brainchild of Songezo Zibi and allies, was launched with some grandeur on Johannesburg's Constitution Hill – home to the Constitutional Court and a symbol of...

What is behind Masisi's gem deal?

Citing resource control, the President is joining with a Belgian start-up diamond trader to challenge the De Beers empire

After 54 years in mining diamonds and 10 years in trading them, Botswana is moving downstream in the business by taking a 24% stake in Belgium's HB Antwerp, a diamond trading, cutt...

Displaying 61-70 out of 2618 results.