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Not waltzing in Vienna

A European Union-African Union meeting in Vienna on digital policy co-operation in the week before Christmas was always likely to be low on excitement, but it did confirm the gulf ...

Shifting borders south

The European Union is set to intensify its migration control regime at a summit of EU leaders on 20 October. The European Commission will present reports on the Migration Partnersh...

EU tiptoes into minefield

Brussels quarrels with African governments on migration while development aid is diverted into border protection

European governments are still struggling to contain the flow of unofficial migration from Africa, and to find effective and fair means to send home most of those who manage to cro...

Can't stay, can't go

The number of African migrants into Europe increases because few are deported and their home governments do not want them back

Europe and Africa are locked in a diplomatic impasse: the European Union wants to deport illegal immigrants but their governments won't take them back. December's Valletta Summit c...


Huge numbers of West Africans hope to make a living abroad but find barriers in neighbouring countries and the rich West

The loss of more than 200 lives on 30 March, when a ship carrying African migrants to Europe sank off the coast of Libya, prompted calls for rich countries to ease their strictures...

Libya and its African brothers

The row in Africa over migration weakens progress towards the African Union's aims of the free movement of people, goods and services across the continent, says Albert Ouédraogo, C...

Displaying 1-8 out of 8 results.