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Trading dams for ports

Abiy's clumsy proposal to swap shares in the Nile dam for access to a port took the region by surprise

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed shocked allies and enemies alike when he announced on 13 October that access to the Red Sea was an 'existential' issue for his landlocked countr...

Gulf states vie for position in region

Competing hard for influence, Gulf States are trying to impose their agendas on governments in the Horn

Amidst the weak international response to the serial crises of drought, famines, terrorism and war in the Horn of Africa, the manoeuvres of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab states ar...

Rival Arab powers take their fight to Africa

Two Middle Eastern power blocs are buying friends and influence in the Horn but further damaging prospects for stability there

Saudi Arabia's and the United Arab Emirates' military dealmaking in the Horn of Africa is deepening rivalries in a region already overflowing with arms. This year, there has been a...


Eritrea's unsettling alliance

Asmara's new role as Saudi Arabia's ally is causing headaches in Addis just as Egypt makes overtures to Issayas

Ethiopia is troubled by the deepening role of Eritrea in the Saudi Arabian-led coalition's war against Houthi rebels in Yemen and its enemy's consequent relief from diplomatic isol...

EU official in probe

The European Union may have to find another Special Representative for the Horn of Africa: EUSR Alexander Rondos is being investigated in Greece over a 9.5 billion euro (US$13.05 b...

Making Djibouti a logistical hub

Chinese-financed port and rail projects could be a boon for the region's trade

On 8 September, Abubaker Mohamed Hadi, the President of the Djibouti Port and Free Zone Authority, presided over the ceremony to mark the start of construction at Damerjog Port, a ...

Famine fallout

The slowness of the international response to the developing famine in the Horn of Africa last year needlessly cost thousands of lives, says a report by Oxfam and Save the Children...

Displaying 1-10 out of 22 results.