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Whitehall's migrant deal with Kigali set to collapse

The Labour Party, currently 12 points ahead in opinion polls, has promised to scrap the Rwanda asylum plan if it wins the general election

The British government's migration deal with Rwanda is now highly likely to collapse without a single asylum-seeker being deported, after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed that ...



Inquiry into claims of British army abuses goes public

The National Human Rights Commission says 43 complaints of human rights abuses have been filed against British troops in Nanyuki

The parliamentary inquiry into human rights abuses committed by British soldiers is set to intensify this week. The National Assembly will hold a series of four public hearings bet...


Parliamentary speaker flounders in corruption saga

Facing British travel bans and asset freezes over state theft scandal, Speaker Anita Among claims she is being targeted for her anti-LGBTQ+ stance

When asked about her involvement in corrupt schemes, Anita Among, Speaker of the parliament in Kampala, usually argues she is being singled out by foreigners for her energetic prom...

The great aid exodus

The heavy cuts to Britain's aid spending in Africa over the past five years are symptomatic of a falling commitment to development strategies and spiralling refugee costs across Eu...

Obi rules at Chatham House

Of Nigeria's presidential candidates so far to set out their stall at London's Chatham House think tank, the Labour Party's Peter Obi easily won on points on 16 January. The other ...

Displaying 1-10 out of 143 results.