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Population: 1.412bn
GDP: $17.73trn

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Alger, la Chinoise

Chinese companies are displacing European powers in African countries where ties were considered to be strongest, and China is set to become Algeria’s largest trading partner ahea...

    Vol 6 (AAC) No 1 |

Yu Yong

Chairman, Cathay Fortune Corporation, China

Shanghai billionaire Yu Yong has directed his private equity firm, Cathay Fortune Corporation, to mount a hostile bid for Australian mining company Discovery Metals. At stake are D...

Sanctions bypass

China has quietly joined countries implementing sanctions against Khartoum, we hear. This may not reduce Beijing’s substantial arms exports to Khartoum but it is making life diffic...

The takeovers will buy votes

Ahead of national elections in March 2013, Indigenisation Minister Kasukuwere targets Chinese companies to raise funds for ZANU-PF’s campaign team

In papers submitted to the High Court for yet another extension on setting by-elections in late September, President Robert Mugabe gave an effective commitment to general elections...

Beijing bets on Dos Santos

China’s backing of the MPLA ensured leverage and oil supplies – even if activists rail against the influx of unskilled Chinese labour

China may advocate a policy of non-interference, but that did not stop it taking a pretty prominent place in Angola’s 31 August elections, from the campaign trail and the debates t...

Fuqing crime and punishment

Several recent court cases – some stretching across two continents – highlight the corruption and criminality that accompany the rapid influx of Chinese investment and workers into...

The President’s new partners

Just before elections, President Koroma has signed several multimillion-dollar secret contracts with a troubled Hong Kong conglomerate

China International Fund, a Hong Kong-based outfit which works closely with Beijing’s state corporations, will become one of the Freetown government’s most privileged business part...

CIF starts work in Zimbabwe

State media proclaimed in mid-September that China International Fund was to begin building some of the infrastructure that it promised in late 2009 (AAC Vol 3 No 2). Since its arr...

Displaying 111-120 out of 486 results.