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Population: 1.39 bn.
GDP: $12.24 trn.
Debt: $1.71 trn.

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FOCAC V brings billions more

Talk of a ‘new type of partnership’ was overblown, but Beijing pledged $20 bn. and took first steps toward improving corporate and environmental regulations

With a crucial leadership handover at the end of the year and growing domestic economic concerns, Beijing hosted the Fifth Forum on China-Africa Cooperation on 19-20 July with the ...

Big promises abroad, more worries at home

In July, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank cut growth estimates for China and its African trading partners. The IMF forecast that China’s gross domestic product would ...

Condé’s great giveaway

A government partner is handing over major stakes in the Simandou contracts to Chinese state-owned firms

Despite support from groups like George Soros’s Open Society Institute, President Alpha Condé’s government persists in striking troublesome mining deals. The government and the Afr...

Contracts and complaints

Amid unprecedented criticism from the European Union and strikes on several worksites, Chinese companies are having a rough time in Cameroon. With Hanlong Mining’s backing of the M...

Diamonds give you wings

Anjin Investments is attracting even more attention from the authorities after a Global Witness report released in late June highlighted the company’s links to the security service...

Parting gifts

As new national elections loom, both parties in Zimbabwe’s coalition government are building stronger ties with Beijing

China’s new Ambassador Lin Lin takes up his post in Harare this month. Ambassador Lin follows the outgoing Xin Shunkang, who completed a highly successful two-and-a-half-year tour ...

Bélinga back on the table

The Gabonese government reconfirmed in early June that it is open to discussions with all interested parties on the development of the Bélinga iron ore mine that was initially awa...

Miner’s missing millions

Prime Minister Jean-Omer Beriziky says that Chinese investors are angry about the treatment they have received from the government. Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation executives voci...

Displaying 121-130 out of 475 results.