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Kyiv and Moscow give peace mission short shrift

After days of awkward and unproductive diplomacy, the economic consequences of the war will worsen for Africa – starting with the collapse of the grain deal

The African peace mission to Ukraine and Russia has exposed the chasm between the two countries – with Kyiv insisting on Russian withdrawal from its territory and Moscow insi...


Security row overshadows diplomatic outreach

The ill-fated peace mission to Kyiv and Moscow could set the tone for the Africa summit in St Petersburg in July

The African peace mission to Ukraine and Russia did not recover from a diplomatic row with Poland last Friday (16 June) after a delegation of guards and the media was stopped in Wa...


Resurrecting the 'Russosphere'

The spike in pro-Russian sentiment in the Sahel has been linked to an obscure Belgian activist, Luc Michel. Describing himself as a 'Stalinist', Michel, 65, founded a Belgian versi...

Moscow's goals are global not local

President Putin's backing for authoritarian regimes in West and Central Africa bolsters his confrontation with France and the EU

The Kremlin is working hard to diversify its influence in Africa and involve more of the Russian state in it, as far as international sanctions imposed after the invasion of Ukrain...

How manganese pipeline helps the ANC

The ruling party's ambivalence on Ukraine reflects its parlous finances as well as its internal feuding and ideological posturing

A transparency law on political party funding has embarrassed the ruling African National Congress by revealing its links to Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian oligarch under global sanc...

Displaying 11-20 out of 56 results.