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Forgotten promises

In 2007, a just-elected President Sarkozy promised to remake France’s Africa policies but strategic political and economic interests still prevail

On 14 July, troops from 13 African countries marched down the Champs-Elysées in the annual Bastille Day parade, while elderly sub- Saharan veterans of the French colonial army saw ...

The falling euro drags down the CFA franc

A relic of France’s African economic empire, the CFA zone must cope with the impact of Western Europe’s monetary disarray

The continuing crisis of the rich world’s financial system has thrown off balance the main surviving element of France’s African empire, the franc of the Communauté financière d’Af...

How the CFA Franc zone works

The initials CFA once stood for the Communauté française d’Afrique, later changing to Communauté financière d’Afrique. The name is a colonial legacy and considerable monetary power...

Realpolitik and resignations

The resignation of Alain Joyandet, secretary of state for cooperation, will reinforce the grip of the Elysée Palace on France’s Africa policy. Joyandet, who was forced out after it...

Good judge, bad judge

The lucrative commercial and political networks between France and Africa have survived a remarkable month in the French courts but more embarrassing cases are coming soon. On 27 O...

A twist in the Thales

French defence company Thales has won US$150 million of business in Angola in partnership with Manuel Vicente, Chairman and Chief Executive of state oil company Sonangol, and Migue...

Remaking an old relationship

Paris tries out new policies on aid and trade in a bid to confront the growing power and influence of Asian economies

France hopes to diversify its trade with Africa and also to hold on to its traditional influence in its former African empire. This tricky balance is reflected in a report on overs...

The flag follows the trade

France's giant power and construction companies have vast economic interests in Africa

Bouygues: Went to Africa in the 1960s; by 2008, Africa operations had a turnover of over 1.6 billion euros (US$2.3 bn.), led by infrastructure subsidiary Colas (E707 million) and B...

Displaying 21-30 out of 101 results.