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Population: 13.53m
GDP: $10.49 bn.
Debt: $1.49 bn.

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A dozen in the dock

Thirteen years to the day after the Conakry stadium massacre that left 157 people dead, the trial officially opened against those held responsible. Three men the United Nations had...

Steinmetz plays his get out of jail card

Dropping earlier arguments that the evidence of corruption was fake, the mining magnate is appealing against his conviction by redefining bribery

Punishing foreign bribery is still a novel idea in Switzerland. There have been just 18 convictions since it became a crime in 2000, before which it was tax-deductible. And the pro...

The Axis fights back

It was no coincidence that the Front nationale pour la défense de la constitution chose 5 September, the day of the first anniversary of the coup that toppled President Alph...

Honeymoon over as junta extends rule

Opposition politicians have lost patience with Guinea's military ruler, and plan to defy a ban on protest rallies

The announcement by Guinea's military junta that it would remain in power until mid-2025, and the imposition of a ban on demonstrations, have been denounced by opposition forces, w...

Junta opens transition talks

Lt Col Doumbouya launches consultations as mining companies fret and fears grow of a new military era in the region

The country's latest military junta, led by former French legionnaire Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, promises it will form a national unity government , without specifying a ...

Displaying 1-10 out of 163 results.