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Population: 49.7 mn.
GDP: $74.94 bn.
Debt: $26.42 bn.

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Rumbles in the Rift

Such was the tension in the Rift Valley as the referendum neared that a drunken brawl in a shebeen in Nandi District between a Nandi man and his Kisii friend swiftly formed the cor...

More gluttony

An attempt by MPs to vote themselves a fat pay rise comes unstuck – the Treasury is running out of money

Last month’s vote by Kenyan members of parliament to augment their already handsome salaries is hitting political and financial roadblocks. Treasury officials say it is not afforda...

Mungiki’s new man

Maina Njenga’s evolution from gang leader to born-again Christian to aspiring candidate highlights the breakdown of Kenyan politics

The once unthinkable has happened: Maina Njenga, the much-feared leader of Kenya’s Mungiki militia, is carving out a new career as a mainstream politician. After his release from g...

Criminal business is big business

Mungiki started as a Kikuyu quasi-revivalist religious cult in the Rift Valley’s Laikipia District in the late 1980s. Many Mungiki members lost their land in the 1990s when Preside...

The battle for the basic law

Campaigning for next month’s constitutional referendum is a mixture of ideology, religion and personal ambition – and now the thugs have moved in

The main open disagreements in the lead up to Kenya’s constitutional referendum on 4 August are about abortion, Muslim kadhi courts and land. The battle between the green Yeses and...

Yes, No and in between

A few weeks ago, Prime Minister Raila Odinga declared that securing a new constitution was a government project, which therefore deserved state funding while the campaign against t...

Bombing the campaign

Police and politicians are struggling to work out who hoped to gain from the grenade attack which killed six people at an evangelical Christian rally in Uhuru Park on 13 June. Most...

The rise of the watermelons

The constitutional referendum is splitting parties, creating bizarre alliances and foreshadowing the 2012 elections

Witnesses under threat

The 8-13 May visit of International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo to Kenya allowed President Mwai Kibaki’s government to maintain the pretence that it is cooperating...

Worrying the witnesses

The people behind the post-election political violence are threatening witnesses and trying to derail the international investigation

Claims that a senior official in the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) has been handing over information to politicians about witnesses to the 2007 post-election vi...

Displaying 201-210 out of 429 results.