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Population: 49.7 mn.
GDP: $74.94 bn.
Debt: $26.42 bn.

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Drought and politics

The economy’s prospects will be deeply influenced by the constitutional referendum and probable political violence trials at the Hague. Political ructions could set back the fragil...

Rough ride

New constitutional proposals would take powers from the presidency and give more to the regions but would not end the arguments

A draft constitution bill has at last been published by a committee of experts chaired by Nzamba Kitonga. Its main aims are to limit the power of Kenya’s presidency and to decentra...

Mr Moreno-Ocampo goes to Nairobi

The President and the Premier are ambivalent about the ICC's plan to prosecute some of the political violence cases

To the alarm of many in Nairobi's political elite, the International Criminal Court Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, is determined to investigate and prosecute those involved in the...

Jolly Roger justice

As attacks by Somali pirates increase in the Gulf of Aden, the trials of those captured during the last ten months begin in Mombasa

The trials of suspected Somali pirates captured by United States and European Union navies began on 8 October in Mombasa. One hundred Somalis accused of attacks against cargo ships...

Turkana hunger

As neighbouring Ethiopia takes the unusual step of asking for food aid, for 6.2 million people, Kenya's Turkana Province members of Parliament are coming under pressure to force th...

Leaving the door open

Eighteen months after the murderous clashes, the government remains ambivalent about trying the sponsors of the post-election violence

Kenya's politicians continue to obstruct the efforts of the International Criminal Court to try those most responsible for last year's political violence. This comes despite the re...

The row over Aaron Ringera

The reappointment of the anti-corruption chief opens a rift between Parliament and President Mwai Kibaki as top politicians come under fire

For the first time in Kenya's history, Parliament has voted to reject a presidential order, duly noted in the official Gazette. At stake is the survival both of the Kenya Anti-Corr...

Bondo welcomes Kibaki

A spirit of amity, barely two months old, appears to have stabilised the coalition government. It was ushered in by President Mwai Kibaki's trip to Nyanza, Prime Minister Raila Odi...

Who (if anybody) will try the killers?

A fair trial for murderous politicians seems as unlikely as ever, despite the latest proposal

The effort continues to keep the post-election violence of 2007, and those responsible, out of the International Criminal Court. One favoured way of doing that is to set up a Kenya...

Displaying 221-230 out of 429 results.