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Population: 53m
GDP: $74.94 bn.
Debt: $26.42 bn.

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Shotgun wedding season

The deadline for electoral alliances has forced some unlikely political bedfellows to tie the knot, however reluctantly

With barely three months to go before the general elections, the 4 December deadline on pre-poll deals forced Kenya’s promiscuous political class into a flurry of shotgun weddings....

Kilelengwani burns

The mass killings in the Tana River Delta presage an upsurge of violence ahead of elections next March

As two mass graves are discovered in the Ozi Forest, acting Internal Security Minister Mohamed Yusuf Haji is at the centre of claims of official involvement in the Tana Delta killi...

The rush for land

A rush for the rich resources of one of the world’s most biologically diverse environments is entangled with the politics of the Tana River Delta. Most intriguing is the government...

Mombasa murder

A 14-member team investigating the 27 August shooting in Mombasa of an Al Shabaab-linked Islamist, Sheikh Aboud Rogo Mohammed, will exclude police officials. Director of Public Pro...

A rough, tough battle ahead

The hopes are high and the dangers are clear: Kenya’s politics fail to match its economic success

With eight months before President Mwai Kibaki retires, Kenya faces several major challenges, all of which it must meet in order to negotiate a peaceful and legitimate transition t...

Saitoti’s death leaves a gap

The former Vice-President is remembered as a political creature of Moi and a hugely wealthy political operator

About 40,000 people gathered in Kitengela, on the south-eastern outskirts of Nairobi, on 16 June for the funeral of the powerful Internal Security Minister, Professor George Kinuth...

Kibaki nervous over ICC

Threats, rivalries and renewed ethnic tensions befoul the air as the international court’s suspects try to close down the case

The two declared presidential candidates facing charges of crimes against humanity at the Hague are determined to ward them off. An unexpected cabinet reshuffle at the end of March...

Kibaki loses his peers

Standing alone as the last of the Kikuyu Big Men, Kibaki has to reassess his plans for succession

It was a tough week for President Mwai Kibaki, 80. While he was attending the Somalia Conference in London, two of his closest friends died.

Displaying 281-290 out of 554 results.