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Population: 53m
GDP: $110.3bn
Debt: 67.5% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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2017 polls cast long shadow

The old protagonists are readying themselves for another electoral battle as concerns about security and corruption escalate

Politics this year will be dominated by the faltering economy and partisan positioning ahead of the next general election, now scheduled for 8 August 2017. President Uhuru Kenyatta...

The figures don’t add up

The opposition makes political capital from the gap between foreign plaudits for the economy and daily realities of corruption and job losses

Not all Kenyans seem to know it but it has been a tremendous few years for the economy, at least according to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. In March, the Bank pub...

Uhuru's frequent flyer card

The President has been trying to balance the country's domestic economic woes with some intense diplomatic glad-handing

When Pope Francis lands in Nairobi on his first visit to Africa on 25-30 November, it will doubtless be heralded as yet another foreign policy triumph for President Uhuru Kenyatta....

Uhuru bans bad bills

Parliament's attempts to crack down on journalists are on hold since 14 October, when President Uhuru Kenyatta intervened behind the scenes to excise two of the most heinous clause...

Warming up the Kenyatta-Museveni axis

Common interests are prompting more bilateral cooperation but the latest agreement over a pipeline will sorely test regional solidarity

In two weeks' time, when most of Africa's 54 leaders travel to New York for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly, there will be much talk of shifting regional allianc...

The opposition fall out

Although the government’s record on security and economic management looks shakier by the day, its opponents are divided and floundering

When the opposition alliance, the Coalition for Reform and Democracy, holds its political retreat to map out strategy at the beginning of September, its leaders will struggle to ho...


Where did all the money go?

The government wants to restrict the powers of the Auditor General after he revealed gross financial mismanagement

The political fight over public finance is heating up. Members of parliament grilled Treasury officials for over four hours on 15 August after the Auditor General found that just 1...

ICC aims at Kenya

The International Criminal Court Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, succeeded on 19 August in her appeal against the court's judges' decision not to hear evidence on whether or not the Ke...

Ethics question for Obama

Some 17 years after the bombing of US Embassies in East Africa, relatives of those killed and local staff injured still await compensation

On his first trip to Kenya as United States President in July, Barack Obama will walk into a bitter controversy over successive United States governments' failure to compensate vic...

Shame about the list

President Kenyatta is gutting the anti-corruption bodies after purging mostly his deputy’s allies from public life

Since early March, the Jubilee government has been riven by charge and counter-charge over corruption. President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared to silence his critics by publishing a 'lis...

Displaying 271-280 out of 606 results.