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Population: 5.56m
GDP: $4.75bn
Debt: 56.5% of GDP (2024)

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Weah-Boakai election race tests 20-year peace settlement

In the closest election since the civil war, voters choose between the two front-runners in the presidential run-off

Regional stability and economic progress weighed heavily in the second round of the presidential elections as voters trooped to the polling stations on 14 November. The early signs...

Weah and Boakai brace for second round

Worsening economic conditions and corruption swung votes behind the opposition candidates

A close second round run-off looks almost certain after Liberia's presidential elections failed to deliver a decisive conclusion in the first round of voting on 10 October. With 92...

Weah stays in pole position

The controversial president has a poor governing record, but no candidate looks strong enough to defeat him in October’s poll

The temperature is rising fast in the run-up to Liberia's parliamentary and presidential election in October. Last month, President George Weah used the occasion of his sixth annua...

Washington weighs in on Weah

The latest US sanctions against Liberian officials target the President's closest allies after ever louder complaints of grand corruption since he came to power in 2018

The spotlight on corruption at the highest levels of government in Monrovia suddenly shone brightly on 15 August when the United States Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control ...

Weah slaloms through the opposition

Regardless of mounting scandals, broken promises and economic woes the President is set to win another term in next year's elections

As AC Milan's top striker in the 1990s, George Weah once ran through the opposing team to score a spectacular goal. As his country's President he plans to repeat the feat electoral...

Displaying 1-10 out of 155 results.