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Population: 14.13m
GDP: $21.37bn
Debt: 53.4% of GDP (2024)

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Patrice Talon tests strength of General Tiani’s junta

Vitriol flows both ways as hopes fade of a speedy end to the fight between Niamey and Cotonou

The arrest of five Nigérien oil technicians in Benin at the beginning of June has sparked accusations of ‘kidnapping’ and ‘hostage-taking’ from Gener...

Talon flirts with a third term

Fighting with the Niger junta over oil exports, the President is mulling constitutional changes

Facing the challenges of succession or a high-risk bid for a third term, President Patrice Talon has been buffeted by the junta-versus-civilian-regime rivalries playing out in West...

Clipping the President's talons

Having broken the government's monopoly in the national assembly, winning 28 of the 109 seats in last Sunday's legislative elections, the Démocrates have established themsel...

Oppositionists prise open parliamentary politics

For the first time in four years, Béninois voters should have a free choice to elect a new legislature in January

The country's constitutional system is starting to work again despite President Patrice Talon's authoritarian instincts. Last month the Constitutional Court ordered the Commission ...

France moves out of Mali

European governments are rethinking military plans in the Sahel ahead of the grand summit between the African Union and the EU

African and European officials have agreed to move the centre for counter-insurgency operations in the Sahel from Mali to Niger but questions remain about how to manage the logisti...

Cancelling the opposition

Sentenced to 20 years in jail on terrorism charges, the outspoken ex-minister Reckya Madougou has been formally removed from the Béninois political scene, as has the respect...

Talons out for the opposition

After excluding all credible opposition candidates, President Patrice Talon won another five years in office with 86% of the vote, according to provisional results released as Afri...

Talon tightens his grip

Béninois voters can have any president they like – so long as it is Patrice Talon. They will go to the polls on 11 April to decide whether to award a second term to th...

Plenipotentiary redundancy

Benin is planning to close 24 of its 27 embassies around the world in the second major retrenchment of the country's diplomatic corps since President Patrice Talon took office, Afr...

Displaying 1-10 out of 33 results.