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Population: 2.69m
GDP: $12.77bn
Debt: 65.4% of GDP (2024)

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SWAPO swept away

The electorate dealt a stunning blow to the ruling SWAPO Party in the 25 November municipal elections, costing it its majority in four of the country's 14 regions. Disaffection amo...

Shooting and fishing

Relations between neighbours Botswana and Namibia have hit a new low following the shooting dead of four Namibians by the Botswana army along the Chobe river frontier on 5 November...

The governor's governor

President Hage Geingob has courted unaccustomed controversy by appointing his friend, the politically connected businessman Johannes !Gawaxab, to fill the vacancy left by Ipumbu Sh...

Virus rattles SWAPO

Although the coronavirus pandemic has yet to affect Namibia seriously – as April began there were only 10 confirmed cases and no deaths – President Hage Geingob's government has in...

Itula has another go

Namibia's Supreme Court in Windhoek may have refused on 5 February to order a rerun of last November's presidential election but opposition political parties are still claiming vic...

Hage's hubris

The election outcome for SWAPO was even worse than expected. The writing is on the wall for the ruling party

Everyone was expecting the electorate to deliver a snub to the ruling SWAPO Party in the 27 November general election – but not quite the loud slap that eventuated. After thr...


SWAPO stumbles

A bad land reform record, a corruption scandal and electoral fraud claims will shake but not topple the ruling party in the polls

Namibia is in the grip of a crippling drought, but negative economic growth, blatant disregard for its election promises and persistent scandal will do little to prevent SWAPO's re...

SWAPO succession dilemma

The President is set for re-election in November, but a chronic failure to deliver land reform and jobs clouds the outlook

There is virtually no prospect of President Hage Geingob, Namibia's first non-northern head of state, failing to secure a second five-year term in the presidential and legislative ...

Geingob reasserts control

The President has seen off a serious challenge as he prepares to take action on corruption and regain public trust

Almost three years into his first five-year term, Namibia's first non-Oshiwambo head of state, Hage Geingob, seems to be in a dominant position. Previously acting leader of the rul...

Hage's big tent

An overwhelming victory in the 27 November regional and local elections sees the SWAPO Party ever more dominant. Winning over new voters from outside its traditional Oshivambo powe...

Displaying 21-30 out of 135 results.