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Population: 190.89 mn.
GDP: $375.77 bn.
Debt: $40.24 bn.

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It's urgent? Set up a committee

As the Bodo case was being settled, a damning United Nations report estimated the cost of an environmental clean-up in Ogoni at US$1 billion over up to 30 years. The report airs ma...

Governors on top and on trial

Presiding over billion-dollar budgets and assured of immunity in office, everything changes for state governors when they retire

The former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, does not bother with false modesty. Neither does he demur at the description of himself as patron of Nigeria’s democr...

Maiduguri's terror crisis

Styling themselves defenders of President Jonathan, Niger Delta militants are threatening to take on Boko Haram

Thousands are fleeing Maiduguri, Borno State, where attacks by the Islamist militia Boko Haram and clashes with the army’s Joint Task Force have left scores of people dead (AC Vol ...

The usual suspects

Jonathan’s new cabinet repays old favours and special interests with no concessions to a restive north

President Goodluck Jonathan shows little desire to impose himself on the country as the 36 state governors and the National Assembly jockey to push their nominees into the cabinet....

Boko Haram declares war

Building on growing northern resentments, the Islamist sect wants to create a political and security crisis by bombing the police

Few seem convinced by President Goodluck Jonathan’s assurances that the security situation is under control following the bombing on 16 June of Louis Edet House, the national polic...

Power to the people, profits to the chiefs

Community control of oil can worsen local strife, to judge by the experience of the Neconde Group, which won the bid for Shell’s 45% of Operations Management Licence (OML) 42. Shel...

The fastest growing family

The United Nations’ latest projection of world demographic trends* predicts that Africa’s population will reach 2.2 billion by 2050, 24% of the global population. Nigeria’s populat...

Better elections, dangerous politics

Fairer voting helps but fundamental reforms are needed to tackle the crisis in the impoverished north

The bloody aftermath of Goodluck Jonathan’s victory in the 16 April presidential election will require decisive action from his new government to prevent a dangerous and wideni...

Displaying 241-250 out of 610 results.