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Population: 190.89 mn.
GDP: $375.77 bn.
Debt: $40.24 bn.

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Jonathan’s Delta blues

Despite the President’s political base in the oil-rich Niger Delta, militant groups are on the march again and abandoning the amnesty deal

A new coalition of fighters in the Niger Delta has emerged to oppose President Goodluck Jonathan’s amnesty and has launched a new round of violence. A younger generation – operatin...

The gangs of Port Harcourt

After the Abuja bombings, the political process turns back to the Niger Delta, where militants are frustrated by the aftermath of the amnesty deal

Bomb blasts in Abuja on 1 October killed twelve people. They could foretell more trouble to come and it is still not clear who was responsible, despite an e-mail purporting to come...

Ready for change in the Niger Delta

If the amnesty fails and the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta resumes its armed struggle, figures from the past and future of Delta militancy will take charge. Some...

The politics takes over again

Bold reform plans are put on hold as the battle for Aso Rock intensifies

The brief interest shown by President Goodluck Jonathan's government in economic reform seems to be waning in favour of a concentration on short-term tactics that might help his el...

The car bomb whodunit

Whoever was responsible for the car bombs that killed 12 people in Abuja during the 50th anniversary of Nigeria's Independence on 1 October and whatever their motives, they have su...

A false start

Doubts about the election timetable, dissension in the President’s party and some surprise new candidates are changing everyone’s calculations

The tight election timetable announced at the beginning of the month is now being questioned again by election officials, civil activists and most of the contesting candidates (AC ...

The field gets more crowded

There is no shortage of candidates or political parties contesting the presidential election due early next year; the exact timetable (AC Vol 51 No 18) is under review after the Ch...

Good man, impossible job

Despite the time constraints, hopes for straight elections are vested in the Electoral Commission’s impressive Chairman Attahiru Jega

Everyone, in and out of government, acclaimed the appointment in June of academic and trades unionist Attahiru Jega as Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission. No...

A tight election timetable

Key events in the coming months

Opposition parties, trades unions and civic activists are protesting against the breakneck schedule announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for presidenti...

Goodluck with the numbers

President Jonathan is slowly winning over the governors and party barons - but time is short

The arithmetic is not right yet but Goodluck Jonathan is making steady progress in his bid for the candidacy of his party in next year's presidential elections. Last week the leade...

Displaying 271-280 out of 613 results.