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Population: 190.89 mn.
GDP: $375.77 bn.
Debt: $40.24 bn.

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Reshuffle may not help Jonathan's chances

The President sacked nine ministers on 11 September, many of whom are linked to his opponents

The first major reshuffle of Goodluck Jonathan's presidency on 11 September looked more like a panic reaction to political revolt inside his party rather than a strategic move to s...

Cracks widen in the PDP

Seven state governors have walked out of the governing party, dealing a critical blow to its election strategy

As he started a three-day state visit to Kenya on 5 September, President Goodluck Jonathan might try to put his own government’s political disarray into perspective. His host...

Amaechi takes on Jonathan

The battle for control of wealthy Rivers State is a personal struggle for power in the Niger Delta but has the makings of a national crisis

For many of those listening to Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s address to the Chatham House think-tank in London on 24 July, the speaker may have appeared just another ambitious an...

The Delta catches fire again

Rampant oil theft, spills and a pipeline shutdown focus attention on Shell’s operations as a political crisis looms

The Niger Delta faces a new round of turmoil as politicians and their business allies jostle for power at the centre of the country's oil industry. On 10 July, police and soldiers ...

The Bodo spill hits companies and politicians

The aftermath of the fire could result in costly litigation for Shell and further erode President Goodluck Jonathan's presidency

The latest fire and pollution incident at Bodo may leave Royal Dutch Shell open to hugely costly damages. A landmark United Nations Environment Programme report in 2011 estimated a...

Inside the presidential fight

Opponents – within and outside the ruling party – are undercutting President Jonathan’s authority as he prepares for the 2015 elections

Two factors – rampant factionalism in the governing People’s Democratic Party and a coherent opposition alliance are changing the calculus in Nigerian politics. For the...


The governors and the insurgency

Quieter streets along with fewer attacks and bombings suggest the declaration of emergency rule in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states is holding back, for now, the momentum of the Boko...

Blocking the great reform bill

Partisan wrangling and commercial manoeuvring have derailed plans to make the oil and gas industry more efficient and accountable

Efforts towards comprehensive reform of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry are in tatters some five years after the first version of the Petroleum Industry Bill was presented to Parlia...

An insurgency without the oil

With Map: Recent Boko Haram activity: bombings, shootings, kidnappings, jailbreaks

At face value, the declaration by President Goodluck Jonathan’s government, dominated by appointees from the oil-rich Niger Delta, of a state of emergency in north-east Nigeria and...

Lagos leniency

A Lagos court has sentenced Azim Aghajani, the Iranian convicted on 13 May of importing 13 containers of infantry weapons, to only five years, along with his Nigerian accomplice, U...

Displaying 261-270 out of 685 results.