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Population: 190.89 mn.
GDP: $375.77 bn.
Debt: $40.24 bn.

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Good neighbours

Addax, a British-listed oil and gas company controlled by China’s Sinopec, may benefit from this month’s decision by the Nigerian and Cameroonian governments to collaborate in the ...

Can’t pay, won’t pay

Friendly rhetoric and big promises between Beijing and Abuja do not deliver as payment problems strain ties

Big deals between the Nigerian government and Chinese companies have fallen through, providing yet another chapter to the up-and-down drama between Beijing and Abuja. On 10 Februa...

Who can you call?

Another attempt at privatising fixed-line operator Nigerian Telecommunications Ltd. (Nitel) and mobile operator Mtel has failed.

The war against the amnesty

The presidential election, the oil trade and community peace deals are at risk in the latest Niger Delta conflicts

Leaders of the Ayakoroma community in Delta State saw the violence coming. They warned the military Joint Task Force in mid-November that their town was in the crossfire between t...

General John Togo and all his enemies

The self-styled General of the Niger Delta struggle, warlord John Togo, emerged from the Itsekiri/Ijaw ethnic war of 2003, when rival tribal groups from Delta State spawned death, ...

Atiku, Buhari and Ribadu - the great northern hopes

Northern politicians have regrouped and are making a determined bid for the presidency in next year's election

The postponement of the presidential election until 9 April 2011 means another four months of intensive party politicking and the shelving of plans to reform the oil, gas and el...

All the President's militias

Jonathan must win the Delta vote and is mustering the violent gangs to ensure his victory

The fierce race for the presidency and National Assembly in next year's elections is worsening the violence in the Niger Delta and undermining last year's amnesty deal. Within th...

Jonathan’s Delta blues

Despite the President’s political base in the oil-rich Niger Delta, militant groups are on the march again and abandoning the amnesty deal

A new coalition of fighters in the Niger Delta has emerged to oppose President Goodluck Jonathan’s amnesty and has launched a new round of violence. A younger generation – operatin...

The gangs of Port Harcourt

After the Abuja bombings, the political process turns back to the Niger Delta, where militants are frustrated by the aftermath of the amnesty deal

Bomb blasts in Abuja on 1 October killed twelve people. They could foretell more trouble to come and it is still not clear who was responsible, despite an e-mail purporting to come...

Ready for change in the Niger Delta

If the amnesty fails and the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta resumes its armed struggle, figures from the past and future of Delta militancy will take charge. Some...

Displaying 261-270 out of 610 results.