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Population: 190.89 mn.
GDP: $375.77 bn.
Debt: $40.24 bn.

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Governors, godfathers and guts

For ambitious politicians, the exalted office of state governor is worth fighting for, sometimes literally. That made the 26 April gubernatorial elections in 24 of Nigeria’s 36...

A trap for the juggernaut

The governing party has taken a hit in the National Assembly but Goodluck Jonathan remains favourite to win the presidential vote

Parliamentary elections on 9 April showed that Nigerians are no longer willing to be taken for granted by the People’s Democratic Party, which has towered over the political scene ...

Results that are fit to print

This month’s elections will be unique – the ruling class cannot agree on who they want to win

Until now, every Nigerian national election has been more or less managed under an elite pact. The richest and most powerful people informally agree to accept the outcome, despite ...

Watch the south-west

The six states of south-west Nigeria may determine the national elections for President Goodluck Jonathan, whose People’s Democratic Party lost much of its following in the region ...

So where did the money go?

Obscure accounts uncover a black hole in state finances as politicians hit the campaign trail promising to end corruption

Opposition parties claim that over US$27 billion is missing from state accounts, managed by the People’s Democratic Party government under President Goodluck Jonathan and his ...

A fight for the President’s base

After a period of calm, political battles have resumed in Ogoniland as the ruling party tries to ensure its dominance ahead of the coming elections

Political violence in the Niger Delta is escalating in the run-up to the April elections, threatening to plunge President Goodluck Jonathan’s power base into chaos again and compro...

Bayelsa's fighting chance

Rivalry between two former loyalists of President Goodluck Jonathan and his People's Democratic Party in his home state of Bayelsa presages fierce confrontations before April's e...

Jonathan’s primary colours

Winning the PDP’s presidential nomination looks easier for Goodluck Jonathan than establishing himself as a truly national politician

President Goodluck Jonathan clinched the presidential nomination of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on 14 January with an unexpected 77% of the votes. Jonathan, the insiders qu...

Electric elections

The accidental President Goodluck Jonathan takes on the northern establishment, with unpredictable results

All the ingredients in the presidential and parliamentary elections due in April make for a fierce political battle. The dominant national party for over a decade is losing its gri...

Odein Ajumogobia

Foreign Affairs Minister, Nigeria

As Foreign Minister, Odein Ajumogobia leads an outspoken diplomatic corps. Nigeria urged Laurent Gbagbo to quit after losing Côte d’Ivoire’s presidential election. As the crisi...

Displaying 251-260 out of 610 results.