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Population: 12.21 mn.
GDP: $9.14 bn.
Debt: $3.34 bn.

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The quest for justice after the genocide continues

The search for justice lumbers on in a costly UN tribunal and national and community courts, but the convictions are relatively few

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda was set up by the United Nations Security Council in November 1994 to try those responsible for genocide or other serious offences ag...

The missing suspects

Thirteen more genocide suspects are sought by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. The United States government's offer of a US$5 million bounty for their arrest has so...

Shotgun wedding

President Kabila's improbable deal with Rwanda could unravel and further weaken his authority in Kinshasa

Kinshasa's sudden embrace of Kigali may cause as many problems as it solves. President Paul Kagame's troops have been spearheading joint operations against the Hutu militiamen of t...

Alphonsus Chia Chung Mun

Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE)

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has secured Singapore's interest in Rwanda's future. Singapore Cooperation Enterprise's Chief Executive Officer, Alphonsus Chia, was in Kigali in F...

Shooting down a president

Fourteen years after the murder of the two Presidents which triggered the genocide, France’s case against the nine accused looks very thin

Rose Kabuye’s French lawyers think the case against her is profoundly flawed. She was extradited to France following her arrest by German police at Frankfurt airport on 9 November...

Who arms Laurent Nkunda?

Congo-Kinshasa's Local Government Minister Mbusa Nyamwisi was running his own militia in the east a decade ago. Now he says it might be helpful for the Kinshasa government to open ...

A one-sided election

The parliamentary elections were unconvincing but a bit better than the last ones

Facing no opposition, the Front Patriotique Rwandais (FPR) won an unsurprising landslide in the parliamentary elections on 15 September, the second since the 1994 genocide. The Eur...

The Kivu impasse

Rwanda cannot escape the troubles across the border in North Kivu

The rebel Congolese Tutsi General, Laurent Nkunda, has called for an uprising against the Kinshasa government. The 3,000-6,000 men of his Congrès National pour la Défense du Peuple...

Displaying 71-80 out of 139 results.