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South Africa

South Africa

Population: 59.39m
GDP: $419bn
Debt: 70.7% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Coming to the aid of the party

In New York, President Zuma sings Happy Birthday to ANC Chairwoman Baleka Mbete, who is currently at the centre of a major political row

On the evening of 24 September in New York, President Jacob Zuma was in high spirits. Earlier that day, he had addressed the United Nations General Assembly debate in which South A...

Sexual congress

The suspension of Congress of South African Trade Unions Secretary General Zwelinzima Vavi on 14 August, after he admitted to sexual misconduct with a Cosatu employee in his office...

Tilting at the ANC

The EFF seeks to appeal to leftists disappointed by the ANC. Its main impact for now will be on the ANC’s internal politics

The deposed leader of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) has staked a claim to political space well to the left of the governing party. Julius Malema aims to bring ...

Zuma's axe falls

The pace of President Jacob Zuma’s cull of his opponents in the African National Congress is picking up as he lays the groundwork for next year’s general elections (AC ...

ANC wields the long knives

The governing party and its partners quarrel bitterly as Zuma clears out his opponents, regardless of the consequences

President Jacob Zuma and his allies have begun their long-awaited purge of trades unionists, party members and government officials judged to have opposed him at the African Nation...

South African troops under fire

A political row erupted in South Africa after 13 troops were killed and some 27 wounded on a mission to Central African Republic which is poorly understood locally and little trust...

Guns, jobs and strikes

With the police and judiciary under international scrutiny, President Zuma has told officials to crack down hard on protests that turn violent

President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address to Parliament in Cape Town on 14 February was drowned out by news of the arrest of Olympic champion Oscar Pistorius earlier that ...

The left-right clash on economics

The National Development Plan is ‘a road map to a South Africa where all will have water, electricity, sanitation, jobs, housing, public transport, adequate nutrition, education, s...

Displaying 341-350 out of 800 results.