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South Africa

South Africa

Population: 56.72 mn.
GDP: $395.42 bn.
Debt: $176.33 bn.

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Calls for protection against Beijing’s exports

The government wants to improve trade terms with China as new studies show how cheap imports are damaging local industries and costing jobs

South Africa’s Trade Minister Rob Davies gave a list of trade concerns to Beijing officials in October during his tour of East Asia. Davies’s government wants to reduce the damage ...

Rob Davies

Trade and Industry Minister, South Africa

Rob Davies’s recent tour led to the strengthened economic relations with Indonesia and China. On 17 October in Jakarta, South Africa’s Minister of Trade and Industry co-chaired ...

Zuma leaves nothing to chance

President Jacob Zuma has sent 40 hand-picked intelligence operatives to the African National Congress’s 16-20 December conference in Mangaung, we hear. They will be on the look-out...

Zuma sweeps the boards

President Jacob Zuma is tightening his grip on state-owned enterprises and purging boards and executives. His advisors say the SOEs often ignore his government’s objectives, behave...

Zuma or else

A ruthless re-election campaign is set to win Jacob Zuma another term as ANC leader and national President

The re-election of President Jacob Zuma as African National Congress (ANC) President is an ‘unstoppable tsunami’, say his backers, yet many members of his original coalition of tra...

How the branches voted

Of the 4,500 voting delegates who will decide the African National Congress presidential election at the party conference, 4,103 (91.2%) will come from ANC branches, each of which ...

Undiplomatic corps

A furious row has erupted in cabinet between the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, and her counterpart at National Planning, Trevor Manue...

Zuma’s campaign pays off

On the brink of the ANC conference in Mangaung in December, incumbent Jacob Zuma has outmanoevered his rivals for the party presidency

African National Congress leaders are trying to stitch together a deal that would avoid a contest for the party Presidency between incumbent Jacob Zuma and Vice-President Kgalema M...

Winning them over one by one

The plan to secure President Jacob Zuma certain victory at the African National Congress’s leadership election focuses on one-to-one meetings with his main opponents. Zuma’s enforc...

Zuma hits back as mining unrest spreads

The Marikana massacre shocked South Africans and unnerved the markets but President Zuma tells the trades unions that he needs another term

A rousing welcome at a national trades union conference and a belated wage deal at the Marikana platinum mines are the first signs that President Jacob Zuma is fighting back. He ha...

Displaying 331-340 out of 763 results.