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South Africa

South Africa

Population: 59.39m
GDP: $419bn
Debt: 70.7% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Vavi and the unions fall out

The power struggle to control the trades union federation will reignite after the elections and damage the ANC

The deal between rival factions of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, mediated by Cyril Ramaphosa on 8 April, is likely to prove temporary. Hostilities are set to resume a...

Nkandla report hurts Zuma

The damning conclusions of the Public Protector on the financing of the President’s homestead will upset the balance of power within the ANC

The findings of an official investigation that President Jacob Zuma personally benefited from the multi-million dollar refurbishment of his Nkandla homestead will weaken his positi...

The ANC’s top hundred

The ANC has drawn up a candidates list that is a messy compromise of effective campaigners and die-hard presidential loyalists

The rows over state spending on Nkandla and recurring protests at the lack of public services prompted the governing African National Congress leadership to look very carefully at ...

Which ANC will win?

Jobs, living standards and the liberation legacy will dominate the elections but it’s the political aftermath that counts

Although the victory of the African National Congress is not in doubt, general elections on 7 May will show the pace and extent of political realignments (AC Vol 54 No 20, Politica...

Restrained budget could be Gordhan’s last

The Finance Minister faced the challenge of keeping public sector pay down while increasing state investment in infrastructure

Pravin Gordhan confounded widespread predictions that this would be a feel-good budget aimed at assuring African National Congress victory in the May election. The Finance Minister...

Zuma talks up the state

The strain of the last five years seemed to show on the President's face as he gave his final State of the Nation Address before the elections

Nearly 6 million rand (US$560,000) was spent on the ceremony for the State of the Nation Address as a tired-looking President Jacob Zuma put a brave face on the economy and avoided...

Poll shock alarms ANC

Anger over broken promises is slashing the party’s once unassailable lead. With elections at most six months away, the opposition is more hopeful than ever

The governing African National Congress is seeing a sharp decline in support in recent opinion polls, less than six months before legislative and local elections. South Africans a...

Displaying 321-330 out of 799 results.