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Population: 11.53 mn.
GDP: $40.26 bn.
Debt: $32.15 bn.

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Bourguiba's ghost

President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali was never entirely happy running the country in the shadow of its founding father, Habib Bourguiba. He died on 6 April and with the end of formal ...

Post-poll rumblings

The arrest of dozens of school and college students during demonstrations in the south-east - traditionally a barometer of popular tension - broke the veneer of total calm so energ...

More couscous

Many of the country's elite were among those sentenced on 23 December after Tunisia’s largest ever drugs trial. This was held amid deep secrecy and intense security and under a bla...

False amnesties

Overseas non-governmental organisations have been complaining that the government is trying to undermine them. Amnesty International and Médecins sans Frontières both...

Academic freedoms

Academic papers to be delivered to conferences in Tunisia must now be vetted by the Higher Education Ministry. The move follows a conference on financing when a foreign speaker sai...

Small headache

Ben Ali offers minimum reform, maximum security and a strong economy

Tunisia poses a problem for Western policy makers. On the face of it, the country's economic success proves that the International Monetary Fund's stabilisation policies can work. ...

Big Ben Ali strikes

Few things escape the watchful and computerised eyes of the Presidency

Zine el Abidine Ben Ali showed off his self-confidence by spending 20 March, the 40th anniversary of Independence, being filmed on a visit to Habib Bourguiba, the President-for-Lif...

Displaying 31-37 out of 37 results.