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Population: 19.47m
GDP: $22.15bn
Debt: 119.1% of GDP (2021)

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High expectations of HH

The new president is sending all the right signals but needs to move fast to avoid disappointing voters and investors

President Hakainde Hichilema's record of early appointments and dismissals shows he is making good on his promise of a new start for governance and the economy, Lusaka pundits say,...

Reconciliation and a reckoning

The new President has drawn a line under his bitter history with Edgar Lungu, but the profiteers of the last six years can expect to be held to account

President Hakainde Hichilema's inauguration on 24 August ended the tense period that followed polling day on 12 August, when it looked as though his predecessor, Edgar Lungu, might...

Opposition surges ahead of critical vote

Voter suppression and fraud allegations are vital issues in the final stretch of the campaign

The ruling Patriotic Front is making a final push for votes ahead of the 12 August general election although many of the party's loyalists fear a surge in support for the oppositio...


Rivals close as polling day nears

Ahead of the 12 August vote the ruling party offers handouts and grand projects while the opposition points to the crashing economy

Against a backdrop of falling support for President Edgar Lungu and a sliding economy, the Patriotic Front government is showering farmers and civil servants with handouts and good...

False-flag operation

Two Zambian-flagged merchant ships suspected of shipping weapons to Libya have been stopped in the Mediterranean by European Union naval vessels enforcing the United Nations arms e...

Eyes on the count

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema is investing hope and major resources, including a phone app and satellite systems, to mobilise over 20,000 election agents from his United Par...

President bids to postpone poll

Political violence, Lungu's ill-health, rows about Kaunda's burial, and rampant Covid make for a grim backdrop ahead of the general election

Exceptional levels of violence – by ruling Patriotic Front thugs and police – are raising questions about the credibility of the parliamentary, municipal and presidenti...

Displaying 11-20 out of 280 results.