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François Bozizé Yangouvonda

Date of Birth: 14 October 1946

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Elections and crisis talks at the summit

In Central African Republic the AU faces pressure to organise a more robust response to the crisis where UN Rwandan troops and Russian mercenaries defend Bangui and newly re-elected President Faustin-Archange Touadéra from attack by insurgents and supporters of former President François Bozizé...


Victory under a cloud

France twice sent jet fighters to overfly areas of CAR where CPC rebels were concentrating in order to counter those who say that former president François Bozizé the main backer of the rebels was France's proxy...


    Vol 62 No 1 |

Mapping the long road to recovery

THE YEAR AHEAD IN BRIEFIslamist insurgents to pose an increasing threat to Total's $20 billion LNG export project in Mozambique Challenges are likely to the victory of Faustin-Archange Touadéra in Central African Republic's elections as insurgents linked to ex-President François Bozizé capture ground The success of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's plan to consolidate after the military campaign against the Tigray regional government will be tested in June in national elections the first since he took over in 2018 Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo will be sworn in for a second term on 7 January...


Pre-election jitters

As mourners filed away Touadéra's bodyguards smashed the windows of one of the cars of former President François Bozizé seizing his bodyguard's weapons which had been left on the car seats...

Elections and bust

Old schemerAnother reason for the international community to fall in behind Touadéra despite his disadvantages and lack of probity is the candidacy of ex-President François Bozizé the old schemer who was ousted by the Séléka rebels in March 2013 (AC Vol 61 No 15 Clash of the leaders)...

Clash of the leaders

In May and June the big news was that François Bozizé president from 2003 until the Séléka alliance invasion of 2013 and Karim Meckassoua a former minister and the parliamentary Speaker between 2016 and 2018 were preparing a coup along with General Ludovic Ngaifei head of the Forces Armées Centrafricaines (FACA the national army) from 2016 to 2018 (AC Vol 54 No 7 Séléka takes power)...

Elections or bust

Bozizé factorOne major obstacle to Touadéra's victory could be former President François Bozizé the man forced in 2013 to flee the country by the Séléka a mostly Muslim rebel coalition from the country's north who has been back in Bangui since December (AC Vol 54 No 7 Séléka takes power)...

Displaying 11-20 out of 95 results.