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Mohamed Bazoum

Date of Birth: 1 January 1960
Place of Birth: N'Guigmi, Niger

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Terrorisme sans frontières

Geography helps explain why President Mohamed Bazoum overcame his initial reluctance to host European and French troops after they were expelled from Mali this month...

France moves out of Mali

These are the details that were due to be worked out on 16 February when President Emmanuel Macron hosted the presidents of G5 Sahel members Mauritania Niger and Chad Mohamed Ould Ghazouani Mohamed Bazoum and Mahamat Déby...

French lessons from Kabul

He has extensively consulted Sahelian partners particularly his trusted allies Presidents Mohamed Bazoum Mohamed Ould Cheikh el Ghazouani and Roch Kaboré of Niger Mauritania and Burkina Faso respectively over the shape of the redeployment (AC Vol 62 No 15 Burkina without Barkhane)...


Macron's man

Just three months after taking office President Mohamed Bazoum has emerged as a central figure in the struggle to restore security to the Sahel (AC Vol 62 No 14 Paris makes up with the junta)...

President Macron ends Opération Barkhane and dispels a few illusions

Just before his inauguration in April as President of Niger – where French fighter jets and drones are based – Mohamed Bazoum said: 'A partial retreat by France provided she maintained her air support would not have a big impact on the situation or the balance of forces…What matters to us is a certain presence of French air forces which will be guaranteed...

Election results spark riots

Post-election violence left two dead and almost 470 arrested in Niamey after provisional results awarded the government candidate Mohamed Bazoum 55...

Displaying 11-20 out of 27 results.