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Mohamed Bazoum

Date of Birth: 1 January 1960
Place of Birth: N'Guigmi, Niger

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Colliding worlds

Niger's Interior Minister Mohamed Bazoum says they may be from Ansar Eddine...

Issoufou the insouciant

The President's campaign chief former Foreign Minister Mohamed Bazoum denies that charge insisting that he agreed Cissé could stand in the first round before uniting behind Issoufou for the run-off – normal practice in Niger's French-style two-round elections (AC Vol 53 No 8 Issoufou under siege)...

Issoufou under siege

Foreign Minister Mohamed Bazoum an Arab from the north said the MNJ rebellion could not be repeated because Niger has brought many former Tuareg rebels into the political fold...

Soldiers' schemes

The military holds other cards too: the 17 civilians in cabinet are mainly activists from Mahamane's and Hama's own parties; new Premier Adji Boukari was previously deputy Governor of the Banque Centrale des Etats d' Afrique de l' Ouest (thus enjoying some international credibility) and belongs to Mahamane's Convention pour la Démocratie Sociale; Finance Minister Almoustapha Soumaïla who has pleased donors by his devotion to structural adjustment remains at his post; Foreign Minister Mohamed Bazoum seen as Francophile also keeps his job; the trades union federation led by Ibrahim Mayaki supports the new regime its ban on union and political activities notwithstanding...

Displaying 11-14 out of 14 results.