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Tinubu tightens grip, opposition regroups

Violence, low turnouts and blatant vote rigging raise doubts about the APC's latest state election victories

Such was the nature of the victories for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the off-cycle state governorship elections on 11 November in Kogi and Imo states, that they h...

Putting a LID on cocoa

Civil society groups are demanding that European Union lawmakers include a guarantee of minimum prices for cocoa producers in the latest agreement between the EU, Ghana, Côte...

Weah-Boakai election race tests 20-year peace settlement

In the closest election since the civil war, voters choose between the two front-runners in the presidential run-off

Regional stability and economic progress weighed heavily in the second round of the presidential elections as voters trooped to the polling stations on 14 November. The early signs...

Hedge fund-backed firm loses bet against Abuja

A judge in the London High Court has ruled against an award which could have cost Nigeria US$15 billion, but the shadow of corruption in the affair remains

'Victory is claimed by all,' said Tacitus, a historian of ancient Rome, 'failure by one alone.' His point resonates with the 23 October verdict in the case of Nigeria versus Proces...


The end of Tinubu's beginning

The public fight over the president's history polarises politics and reinforces the need for judicial reform

That so many Nigerians expected the Supreme Court to confirm Bola Tinubu's victory in this year's Presidential elections reflects a consensus about the judiciary rather than the me...

Governor in the firing line

Opposition demands for Ernest Addison to resign over $5.2bn loss have exposed the politicisation of the Bank of Ghana

Bank of Ghana Governor Ernest Addison reacted angrily after hundreds of protestors took to the streets of Accra on 3 October demanding that he and his two deputies resign over the ...

Weah and Boakai brace for second round

Worsening economic conditions and corruption swung votes behind the opposition candidates

A close second round run-off looks almost certain after Liberia's presidential elections failed to deliver a decisive conclusion in the first round of voting on 10 October. With 92...

Chasing the greenback

Both government and citizens seek US dollars but the greenbacks are getting scarcer and the naira keeps depreciating. The government wants portfolio investors to return to Nigeria ...

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The north challenges Goïta on two fronts

The Sahelian juntas have signed a military alliance as jihadist and separatist groups step up their attacks

As Mali's military regime pursues its drive to reassert central government authority over the Kidal region hitherto dominated by Tuareg former separatists, conflict has spread acro...

Displaying 31-40 out of 2288 results.