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Arrears all round

South Sudan has taken over the leadership of the expanding but cash-strapped East African Community, despite not paying its membership dues or much interest to the organisation in ...

Nairobi takes lead on economic accords

The US and EU are offering new trade and investment deals to the region. But only Kenya is capitalising on them

Aside from migration control, and its €150 billion (US$163bn) Global Gateway programme – the European Union's underfinanced answer to China's Belt and Road infrastructure scheme – ...

Tough transitions follow the ructions

Facing headwinds caused by pandemic economics and war in Ukraine, regional economies are hunting for revenue

Economies in East Africa are navigating their most difficult transitions in a generation. Shaken by the financial after-effects of the pandemic combined with fuel and food price sh...


Kampala gets Brussels to U-turn on oil pipeline ban

At a joint parliamentary summit in Maputo, Ugandan negotiators won the policy argument but doubts linger about the pipeline's viability

On the eve of the UN's COP 27 Climate summit, European parliament MPs dropped their opposition to Uganda's and Tanzania's oil pipeline project at the Joint Parliamentary Assembly (...


Spiralling prices dominate budgets

Uganda’s and Tanzania's oil and gas plans offer little short-term help amid ballooning state deficits and public debts

As East Africa's economies began to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, the effects of the war in Ukraine on food supply and inflation have been a hammer blow to economic prospects ...


Governments are maxing out the credit card

The region's treasuries want to borrow their way out of the pandemic. But debt-servicing costs are ballooning

As the only region on the continent to avoid a Covid-19 recession in 2020, East Africa is poised for strong economic growth this year, according to the African Development Bank (Af...

Getting connected

Congo-Kinshasa's imminent membership of the East African Community is prompting a jostle for position as its neighbours seek to agree new infrastructure deals and trade accords. En...

Rivalry holds back the region

Regional trade has largely recovered from the pandemic, but is still hampered by political battles

East Africa's economy grew the fastest of all Africa's regions before the pandemic. Growth was predicted at 5.1% for 2020 pre-Covid – largely driven by strong spending on inf...

Displaying 1-10 out of 51 results.