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Biggest economies turn laggards

Smaller countries will grow faster this year but will be held back by a lacklustre outturn in the continent's biggest economies

Forecasts by the World Bank, IMF, the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the UN that the continent's economies should grow faster this year should be set against its weak per capi...

Central bankers hunt for foreign exchange

From negative-equity Ghana to South Africa with its sizeable gold holdings, emerging markets are scrambling for liquidity

What happens when your central bank starts losing money? Less than you might think, in practical term at least. Ghanaians were horrified to hear their central bank – the Bank...

Rich countries boost aid – to themselves

Helping Ukrainian refugees has driven a surge in aid spending – mostly at the expense of hard-hit African economies

African states have felt the pain of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in the form of shortages and higher prices for wheat, grain and agricultural inputs, and above all energy prices. ...

Capital crisis in the continent

Reeling from the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, African economies need investment to boost growth

Over a year after Russia's invasion of Ukraine triggered another shock to a global economy recovering slowly from the pandemic, Africa's economies are counting the cost of rocketin...

Tough transitions follow the ructions

Facing headwinds caused by pandemic economics and war in Ukraine, regional economies are hunting for revenue

Economies in East Africa are navigating their most difficult transitions in a generation. Shaken by the financial after-effects of the pandemic combined with fuel and food price sh...

The great investment chase gathers pace

The continent is attracting growing volumes of new money but they fall far short of its latest energy and development targets

The slow pace of investment in renewable energy in Africa should have been one of the biggest climate finance issues at the UN COP27 summit but was overshadowed by developing econo...

Big Tech's ethical mining rules thrown into chaos

A row over a scheme to outlaw minerals produced by companies using child labour or financing wars in Central Africa will hit global supply chains

The world's biggest tech companies – including Alphabet, Apple, Samsung and Tesla – buying tin, tungsten and coltan from Central Africa face a supply chain crisis after...

Displaying 1-10 out of 99 results.