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A year of decisions after a decade of growth

As China slows down and the US dollar strengthens, will African governments try to diversify and industrialise their economies?

Africa, with its 1.2 billion people, will again be the continent that achieves the fastest economic growth this year but its monied cheerleaders will have pause for thought as some...


Making the best of the boom

The challenge this year is to convert a decade of faster growth into jobs and higher living standards as political tensions rise in the biggest economies

The International Monetary Fund’s projection that Sub-Saharan Africa’s gross domestic product growth should be over 6% in 2014, compared to average Asian growth of over...


Fanfares for Africa

The latest fanfare for Africa’s economic prospects comes from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s survey of fund and asset managers, bankers and other financiers for Invest AD, the s...

Storm warning

Economic gloom in Europe and North America will slow African growth next year and may spark more challenges to incumbent regimes

For many African countries, the West’s economic travails will translate into spiralling food and fuel prices, higher unemployment and less state spending on education and health. T...

Good boom, bad timing

Asian demand for African agricultural and mineral commodities will not fully compensate the losses caused by the West’s economic slowdown

Africa has picked a really bad time to launch its economic boom, says one finance minister resignedly. In Washington for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meeti...

Roaring to go

As demand soars for Africa's oil, gas and minerals, its governments must find ways to strengthen their bargaining power

Optimism about Africa's economies is in fashion, as commodity prices stay high thanks to demand from Asia and Western investors seek outlets for capital that they find no profitabl...

The numbers are looking up

After peaking at US$72 billion in 2008, foreign investment in Africa fell to $59 bn. in 2009 but is now growing again and could exceed the $80 bn. mark within a couple of years. Ex...

Out of the dip

Meeting in Washington, officials from the IMF, World Bank and African finance ministries predict a strong return to growth this year

The hiatus in Africa’s economic growth caused by the global financial crisis appears to have been ‘mercifully brief’, according to the International Monetary Fund’s Africa Director...

A slow return to growth

Africa suffered less than had been feared from the recession and its exports are set to recover this year thanks to buoyant demand from Asia

As the industrialised world struggles, a return to fast-growing commodity demand from Asia and a tentative Western recovery will boost African exports in 2010, although trade and b...

BRIC building

'African assets were undervalued and China's presence has helped correct that, whether in bonds or foreign direct investment', said Victor Lopes, Africa Economist at Standard Chart...

Displaying 11-20 out of 65 results.