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Don't shoot the ambulance

After a decade of growth in Africa, the IMF and World Bank's economists are offering loans and policy advice again

The financial crisis has had one indisputable effect: it has put the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund back in business in Africa. Suddenly there is no more talk about...

Economy: Trouble in the markets

Watching oil prices fall from US$147 a barrel to $57 over the past month and listening to endless media speculation about his health must have been disconcerting for President Umar...

Two virgins

Britain’s Virgin Atlantic has lost the first round in its battle with Nigeria’s government and is expected to sell all but 7% of its 49% stake in the lossmaking Virgin ...

Treading on the corn

It is universally accepted that a Malawian government's legitimacy is determined by the latest maize harvest. 'Chimango ndi moyo' (Maize is life) is an expression often heard and c...

The vultures gather

So-called 'vulture funds' threaten the highly indebted countries that the International Monetary Fund is trying to rescue from the burden of debts they cannot pay. Many of the most...

Displaying 31-40 out of 68 results.