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Battle lines in Washington and Africa

Washington's ministerial meeting raised morale but offered no new strategies for tackling the worsening regional conflicts

For a time during Washington’s 16-18 March Africa Ministerial Conference, the capital’s political hatchets were buried and politicians, business people and bureaucrats applauded th...

Washington Who's Who

The capital's Africanists are divided over new policies and their authors

Few are indifferent about Washington’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Susan Rice, who inspires critics and loyalists in almost equal measure. The press oscillate...

Washington's military option

The USA has fired a missile through accommodationist policies with Khartoum - and escalated the conflict with Islamists

Ten years ago, no one could have imagined that a foreign power would bomb Khartoum and Sudanese would complain that the attack was not hard enough. After nine years of National Isl...

Crane blues

South Africa's reluctance to join the United States-backed African Crisis Response Initiative raises new questions about the future of peacekeeping in Africa as the security situat...

African roadshow rolls

At last there are signs of Washington's new thinking on Africa as President Clinton sets off on a six-stop tour

Above all, President Bill Clinton’s 23 March - 2 April trip to Africa is an attempt to change the American perception of Africa: that the world’s poorest continent - al...

No frills

p>General Anthony Zenny paid his first visit to Ethiopia as Commander, United States Central Command (which includes Ethiopia), on 22 January. A marine who served with US forces in...

Madeleine's mission

Washington's new Africa team is concentrating its fire on Central Africa with the Secretary of State's six nation hop this month

Due to land in Addis Ababa on 9 December, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will start her six-nation hop with an address to the Organisation of African Unity. The address is l...

Washington quandary

The US government juggles carrot and stick while business scoops a mineral map

Should the United States and other potential donors make economic assistance conditional upon whether the new Congo government allows the United Nations' inquiry into refugee massa...

Displaying 141-150 out of 162 results.